SEO Tips That Will Ensure Your E-commerce Business Is Profitable on Black Friday

The day before Christmas is the most profitable day for e-commerce business. However, for e-commerce traders, the traffic created on Black Friday hits the roof. For instance, there were 108million consumers who made purchases online in 2016.

As such, it is imperative for e-commerce traders to ensure that they manage their promotions especially during this time. To achieve desired results, you need an awesome strategy to market your merchandise online. Here is how you can create that unique profile that shows the competition some dust.

SEO technical fundamentals you need

It is imperative to ensure that you know the SEO basics and know how to optimize your website to ensure that your site is ranked well in web search engines.

SEO fundamentals include

• A resolution to 404 errors occurring in your web pages
• Ensuring that there are 301 redirects where there are lost landing pages and broken links on your site
• It is imperative to ensure that you monitor your traffic and know that the servers that you use can handle the said traffic
• Optimize the page speed to ensure that the load outs are fast

When you make a tag or keyword that is beneficial, this ensures that your page will come up when you use a keyword such as “Black Friday.”

Woman shopping online in the cafe

Ensure too that you engage the client by providing some calls to action on your products. This way, they will provide feedback that will ensure you can provide them with what they require. In addition, ensure that the physical address to your store is shown on your site. You can use Google maps to ensure that a client can locate this easily.

Interlink your site to ensure that clients often visit the e-commerce store that you have, as this will make a purchase a possibility.

Keyword analysis

When making a keyword analysis for a black Friday marketing campaign, go to Google analytics and find out which keywords were most looked after during a previous event such as this. Using these as your model, you are sure to succeed.

Ensure that you include such useful words such as deals, delivery, free shipping, or gifts to attract your clients to your e-commerce site.

Landing pages that ensure more conversions

You need to know that your business is visible online and has leads to market your products. As such, ensure that you use holiday themes that will make this possible. The Meta tags on your landing page should have your keywords optimized, and you should include other tags that describe your product.

Build links to ensure that your calls to action can funnel clients into your e-commerce business. You can include videos that seem interactive to your business. You can also invite your clients to give their views about the products that you sell to them. These positive reviews can earn you more money and get you more referrals from present and former clients.

Time stamps are also essential when creating anticipation for an event such as Black Friday. It entices users to ensure that the offers you are making are limited and they should take advantage of this.
Change content seasonally

Ensure that your content stays dynamic. Static content will not appear or attract the same attention a year from now. Therefore, ensure you do so by looking for Google buzzwords that will make your e-commerce site visible. Check what is trending and use content that keeps your e-commerce site visitors hooked. For instance, you can ensure that you use infographics, slides, videos, and visual attachments to keep your clients hooked to your site.

Once this is done, including the following to ensure that your e-commerce site and business is visible on this a Black Friday event.

• Optimize weak points from the competition
• Ensure that your site gets positive reviews by giving quality and loyal service to your clients
• Have a good following on social media sites, as this will provide your business visibility. Do this by creating a page with your business name for more visibility
• Use different channels to market your products as opposed to using your site solely.
• Use paid advertising to leverage better clients to know about your products
• Use link building to ensure that an event such as Black Friday, which is familiar to many retailers, is aside from the competition.

With the above points, you are sure to gain some profit on Black Friday and accrue more on Cyber Monday that is an equally profitable day.


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